How RE/MAX Works

The RE/MAX vision is simple:

  • To provide the real Estate Maximums.
  • To offer the basis for your success.

RE/MAX left the old pyramidal-establishment that makes roles and tasks descend vertically, and revolutionizing the real estate market on behalf of a more actual circular model in which to a sole main Franchisee (Broker) depend Sales Associates (Consultants), which participate in equal manner in sharing costs and results, and detaining most of the commissions in proportion to one’s results. The result is the concrete application of the win-win philosophy, on which the system Everybody Wins is based on.

With RE/MAX you can lead your business independently. But you will not be alone at all, in the daily activities as in the long-term planning. The RE/MAX network and the Broker and Consultants network will constantly work with you.

Our business is based on the Brokers and the Consultants eagerness: because they independently operate as self-employed, they earn high percentage revenue, only based on the commissions and the perfect system:

  • Brokers lead a group of consultants to the success;
  • Consultants offer an excellent service to their final customers;
  • Final Customers can rely on the RE/MAX professional direction for every decision in the real estate field.

More than 90,000 Consultants and 6.700 Broker in the world is the proof of the successful RE/MAX system.
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