You have big plans? You're open to new challenges and are looking to drive your career forward to the next level? You love high-quality real estate and have a talent for sales powered by success? In that case, RE/MAX TANZANIA is just right for you!

Instant recognition. Instant credibility

Do you want to make a real impression among potential clients? Try placing the RE/MAX balloon logo next to your name. When you attach the most recognized brand in real estate to your business, you establish an immediate connection with consumers. The RE/MAX brand enhances your already-established credibility and market influence – which leads to more business, and more income.

Where do you want to be today?

RE/MAX Tanzania combines a fair and equitable brokerage system with a powerful brand, extensive support services – and respect for entrepreneurial spirit. The result: a formula for agent success unmatched in the industry.

When you’re supported by award-winning training, industry-leading tools and the most recognized brand in the industry, the business follows naturally. The RE/MAX model serves top-producing agents, and those who aspire to be. At RE/MAX Tanzania, you surround yourself with high-quality professionals. Performance inspires performance, and creates a high-energy, winning office environment.

Why would you choose to be with someone else, when you can join the best?

Requirements to join RE/MAX TANZANIA

  • • Successful completion of the Real Estate Salesman's Course #100H - four (4) weeks full-time
  • • Must be registered and licensed with Real Estate Board of Tanzania
  • • Own a reliable motor car
  • • Own a Laptop
  • • Self motivated
  • • A team player
  • • Dependable
  • • Honest
  • • Have good interpersonal skills

Your benefits as a RE/MAX agent


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