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TZ Zanzibar
ID: 115006006-19
גודל מגרש (מ'ר)
התרגום של תיאור הנכס נעשה באמצעות תרגום גוגל ואינו מבטיח דיוק בתוצאה. התרגום עשוי לא להתאים לתיאור המקורי
Totaling is 10,109 square meters (over 2 acres) this farmland has are 147 Coconut Trees, 8 Oranges Trees, 9 Mango Trees, 4 Cloves Trees (Karafuu) and various Spices. Has direct access to the main road and situated in an attractive rural location. There are is a house for watchman already built on the land.

This farm is located in an agricultural area of Kiboje, where land is very fertile, and the location is perfect for farming with rains throughout the year.

Only a 15-minute drive to Stone Town.

Contact us to view the plot or for any further details!

Key Features:
•     Access to the main road
•     147 Coconut Trees
•     8 Oranges Trees
•     9 Mango Trees
•     4 Cloves Trees (Karafuu)
•     Access to electricity
•     Water is nearby


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Sulaiman Hilal - RE/MAX Omela
Sulaiman Hilal

Sulaiman Hilal

RE/MAX Omela


שלח הודעה

Sulaiman Hilal

RE/MAX Omela

2300 Vuga Road
P.O. Box 4168

Zanzibar City (Stone Town), Zanzibar, טנזניה


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